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Spectrum iprom- Integrated Pricing & Promotions Management


A highly flexible business rules based environment, Spectrum iprom handles retail pricing and promotions across multiple channels. Spectrum iprom is built to encourage distributed creativity while safeguarding a retail chain's need of governance and centralized over-sight, thus leading to reduced mind to market time. Spectrum iprom provides a plethora of configurable options for Discounts, Deals, Mix & Match and Power Pricing offers and schemes.

Why do Retailers need iProm?

» Centralized Pricing, promotions and offers lack quick and effective execution at the store and franchisee point of sale terminals
» Ensuring Price Optimization software delivers benefits through proper execution
» Minimising pricing discrepancies that arise after fresh promotions are executed during critical steps like price tagging
» Ensuring proper execution of trade promotions at store level to gain satisfactory returns
» Lack of visibility into in-store execution and sell-through related to the promotion
» New promotion ideas take a long time to trickle down to the consumer from the corporate office due to the lack of flexibility of Promotion Execution engines
» Poor promotion change control, e.g., to communicate cancellations or changes to promotion parameters or promotion timings take time to reach franchisees or multiple stores


iProm Feature & Benefits

» Prices executed consistently and in a timely manner across multiple channels like brick and mortar stores, web-stores and mobiles through near-real-time synchronization capability
» Serves as the means of delivering optimized prices and promotions to multiple channels, thus increasing the ROI on optimization solutions
» Faster mind-to-market for new promotional ideas through an in-built rules engine increasing flexibility and supporting a growth strategy
» Price-inclusive and exclusive taxation rules for handling varied tax stipulations
» Tax definitions configurable for different purchase, sale, supplier, location and product types catering to different tax structures
» Manages conflicts for pre-defined promotions at the time of creation as well as at store level to ensure that relevant promotions are delivered as advertised to consumers, quickly and efficiently
» Ability to test pre-configured promotions through simulations to ensure that the promotions execute just like they were conceptualized to behave
» Time-based activation and deactivation of promotions with audited override capabilities driving customer satisfaction
» Reusability of successful past promotions